Gesprächspartner José Mateus - ARX Portugal Arquitectos

März 2016

José Mateus- ARX Arquitectos


What is your opinion of the real estate market in Lisbon in 2016?

We will continue to watch the dynamic growth where the simultaneity of large and important investments will increase the city's quality of life at various levels and also the interest of investors and buyers.

The real estate business in Lisbon has made progress in quality and promoting the recovery of historic districts, although Portugal was the last in Europe in terms of investment in urban regeneration.

For these reasons, and because there are significant tax advantages for investment and renovation, potential for improvement is also very important.


What is your opinion on the real estate market in Lisbon for foreign investment?

I'm not surprised by this sudden great interest of foreign investors in Lisbon - one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the world with open friendly people, who speak foreign languages.

This city is in the top 10 of the world for its history, its geography, its historical and various architectural developments, known for its light and its atmosphere. Lisbon has many facets, including the medieval city, unpredictable and mysterious, as well as monumental city. We traveled from the Iron Age to the contemporary.

It is also a cosmopolitan city that offers an intense and sophisticated cultural program, a fantastic kitchen. Due to its geographical position, Lisbon offers quick accessibility to magnificent beaches, the country areas of rare beauty, such as the arid plains of the Alentejo and the green mountainous north.

The presence of these features, which currently generate an unprecedented dynamics of tourists, and foreigners who wish to live here, as well as numerous vacant buildings available, Lisbon has become a unique investment opportunity at the European level.


In your opinion, what are the design advantages of the project Graça Terraces?

The project promotes the possibility of living in a historical and quiet district of the city with unique panoramic and breathtaking views. It is also provide opportunity for the residents to place their foot on a large part of the main neighborhoods of Lisbon.

Great advantages for this project.

The architecture of this building is the result of a contemporary reflection on the characteristic features of Lisbon's architecture where the raw material (stone, stucco and tile) intersect with the rhythmic facades. We pay special attention to control the atmosphere of the house, precisely controlling natural and artificial light.

It is a building devoted for both: permanent residence and temporary residence.